Web 2.0- Facebook

In the world of Web 2.0 information travels fast. We have the invention of the internet to thank for this, but in particular one social media site has been a major source of news: Facebook. The site integrated a “trending” section where links to news stories are posted.


The media uses this “trending” section to spread articles covering the news. These stories range from covering entertainment to breaking news. One story could be about the winner of the bachelor or breaking news about the recent bombings in New York.

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It’s important to note why news outlets utilize social media sites like Facebook. According to Zephoira.com, there are over 1.71 billion monthly active Facebook users. The media uses Facebook’s huge user base to reach people worldwide and disseminate news.

Another reason why media uses Facebook to spread news is because of the constant connection people have to the site. With the app, people are constantly checking Facebook on their phone. So, Facebook has created another way in which people can check the news rather than using an actual newspaper or a desktop. Someone could be walking to work and pull up a breaking news story within seconds.

In cases like the recent New York bombings, easy access to news that Facebook provides can also be critical in emergency situations. People in near by areas can pull up the trending story and be informed in what is happening so they can take cover. Also, people who have loved ones that live close to the area of the bombings can become informed if they cannot gain contact with the people there. News stories that were being shared at the time of the bombings also informed people of the suspect at large, including crucial information to help catch him.

News outlets also have online presence through their websites and apps, but they still choose to utilize Facebook due to the wide range of audience that the site attracts. An adult may check a news site daily, but a teenager may not be as likely too. But that teenager may be scrolling through Facebook and spot a news story in the trending section that catches their eye. This draws in a wide range audience and informs all ages, even the age groups that may not be as likely to read the news.

Another important aspect of Facebook is convenience. The site provides quick links to all kind of news stories. Convenience is a huge part of what makes Web 2.0 what it is today. People don’t have to wait for the paper boy to deliver the daily news to find out what’s going on in the world. We can literally have the world at the palm of our hand through sites like Facebook in which the media uses to spread news. The idea of “breaking” news is emphasized by the site because it provides news stories quickly and constantly updates. The way news is spread has changed with the invention of the internet and more recently with the invention of social media sites. Without sites such as Facebook, Web 2.0 would not exist.


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