Facebook Live


In the world of Web 2.0, access to fellow users is key. Facebook live allows users to share a live video feed instantly from their mobile device. You can interact with viewers through comments and respond to their reactions.

It brings a more personal aspect to social media, allowing you to connect live with the people you care about. The Facebook newsroom recently released new features for Facebook Live:

Live for Groups and Events

Live in Groups allows you to go live with just the people in that group. Facebook events allows you to go live at specific events, or even set up a Q&A with viewers. Broadcasting and watching live videos in the new groups and events features allows people to connect on a more personal level with people they care about and share common interests with.

Interactive Features

Live reactions allows your viewers to show their feelings during a live broadcast. The selection of available options include Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, or Angry. These animations appear right on top of the video, in real time, and disappear quickly: allowing the viewer to project different reactions at different points of the video. When a viewer reacts, you will see their profile picture and a little starburst before their reactions pops up.


Facebook live is an extremely interactive means of communication as broadcasters connect with their viewers and respond to their comments and questions. Facebook has seen that people comment more than 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos. To allow people watching the broadcast after it was streaming live to feel “in” on the action, Facebook replays comments as they happened during the live stream when these people are watching it later.

Live filters create a more personalized live broadcast and a fun interactive aspect. Allowing users to doodle on their video is an idea similar to Snapchat, drawing more and more users in.

Another new feature is inviting your friend to watch a live video with you. This is just another way to connect with your friends in an interactive way.

In regards to the Facebook mobile app, there is now a dedicated space for people to watch and search for videos. This includes live videos that have gone viral, videos of your closest friends and family, and videos on topics you find intriguing.


Additionally, Facebook has released Facebook Live Map on desktop. This gives you an insight into what’s happening around the world. Users in more than 60 countries are now sharing live video.

Watch this video of Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox live answering questions about the new features available:


Even with these positive interactive features of Facebook live, there are still some issues with live broadcasting on social media apps. A woman in Minnesota posted a Facebook live video moments after her boyfriend was shot and killed by police. The upsetting video left viewers shocked and afraid. These kind of videos pose a problem for Facebook and its users- how can videos be monitored if the purpose is a live broadcast? Is the interactivity worth the lack of video regulation? The question still stands.

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