Updates In Social Media This Week-Personal

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In the upcoming weeks, Instagram will add a feature to like comments by tapping a heart icon next to any comment and the ability to turn off comments on any post. “These two new comment moderation tools are in keeping with Instagram’s commitment to making its site a ‘positive place for self-expression’ and will be made available to all users once they are released.” [Read Here] This feature is an effort to improve engagement within the app- which has transformed into one of the top social media platforms. According to the article, Instagram engagement delivered 58 percent more engagement than Facebook; 120 times more than Twitter.

Expanded Ramblings Research:

  • 400+ million users
  • 75 million daily users
  • Approximately 30 percent of the U.S. population uses Instagram
  • 49 percent of U.S. adults use Instagram daily

So, why is engagement so important?

Well, it allows people to connect in a faster way. People can keep up with what their friends and families are doing and using the features of the app, react to their content. Hence, the importance of continuing to introduce new features that allow more engagement such as the ability to like comments. Also, the social media platforms allows people to share their pictures with strangers by connecting through things like hashtags:


This week, Facebook expanded its live video tab to “more people in the U.S. on iOS and Android”. According to the Social Media Examiner, “the new Video tab takes mobile users to a dedicated section with Facebook Live notifications and alerts”. Included on the live video tab, are suggested video posts by Facebook that have been shared by pages you like and will play automatically as the user scrolls down. The article calls this tab “a new destination for people to discover all kinds of video content they may be interested in.” It is also mentioned that Facebook is still in the process of adjusting and expanding the video tab, based on testing and user feedback. 

However, the use of live video streaming on Facebook has become somewhat controversial. Just yesterday, there was a fatal car accident involving two teenage girls caught on a Facebook live video. They were streaming live when their car crashed into a tractor trailer. This is similar to an incident that happened earlier this year, when Diamond Reynolds live streamed the fatal shooting of her boyfriend Philando Castile by the police.


Periscope released an update which allows broadcasters the ability to save HD versions of their broadcasts to their devices. This is another platform that offers live video stream and audio to anyone who joins your broadcast. “It’s an app that truly takes advantage of its mobile platform incorporating notifications and location as well as social sharing (on Twitter of course), live discussions and feedback” [Read Here]. After the broadcast is finished, people can watch and give feedback for up to 24 hours and then it is removed from the app. However, users can download it to their phones to share online and now they can download in HD. 



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