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About Marta

Marta has a double degree in Journalism and Audiovisual Communications, with a masters degree in Internet Business. She is the founder of Muuby (2010) and Igers Barcelona (2011). In 2013, she worked as the Head of Digital at Edelman Spain, and in 2015 she founded CircleLine and is also the acting director. Today, Marta is a digital and social media guru, with a successful career in the industry.

Muuby                                                                                                   3d3ea4b.png

“Muuby is a technology-based company that specializes in helping companies and institutions to listen to their markets naturally Network monitoring and managing your digital reputation.” [Read Here]

This was Marta’s first company which allowed her to gain more knowledge in different fields such as community management, human resources, and commercial work.

Clients      2585abb6c716f9df1de5cbc234712ddb.jpg

One of Muuby’s most important clients was Spanair. Being one of the biggest airlines in Spain, the company needed help with its reputation after an accident occurred in Madrid in which most passengers died. Muuby’s goal for the company was to manage the crisis through social media channels (social networks, website). Ultimately, they wanted to control conversations on social media. Unfortunately, the project ended because the company went bankrupt and Muuby shut down as well.

Social Movement- Instagram Community  Logo-IgersMap-amb-web-logo-Instagramers-1.png



Marta created the first Instagram community which consists of creative people that utilize the app for purposes like marketing and exposure. People in the community come together and collaborate on ways to use and transform the social network. There are also contests within communities to post pictures for certain organizations and campaigns. Marta also utilized her knowledge of the app and social media to help new brands become relevant on Instagram.



Vueling AirGallery icon175x175.png

Vueling airline was in search for a celebration campaign in honor of their more than 50 million passengers. At the time, Marta wasn’t working for any company, so she decided to pitch her idea to Vueling that she had for Spanair but never got the chance to use.Her goal for the campaign was to utilize Instagram in any phase of the travel cycle- starting from the inspiration of the destination to sharing the experience after the trip. The concept was a first ever air mid-air photograph exhibit of Instagram photos of Vueling Destinations. More than 7,000 photos were tagged with the hashtag #vuelingairgallery of major European vueling destinations. [Read Here]

Vueling ended up being nominated by SimplyFly for best “costumer engagement strategy” besides American Airlines and Volaris.

This campaign is an example of how social media platforms are being used to market brands and companies by reaching a huge audience. Social media networks are giving people the ability to share things worldwide rapidly- even in the air!

Read here for some Instagram marketing tips.

Catalan Tourism Board- Catalunya Experience b6ze50bh44um4ks3p2sue43zdbo4lom2282013_115233.jpg

Another example of marketing through social media is the Catalunya Experience campaign that Marta worked on for the Catalan Tourism Board. Top instagrammers were invited from all over the world to travel around Catalonia using the hashtag #catalunyaexperience. The hashtag is still relevant and can be seen on Instagram daily.


In this campaign, social media networks were utilized to spread the beauty and appeal of Catalunya. Using real life experience through pictures and videos, viewers are drawn to the idea of traveling there. Then, if they decide to travel their themselves, they can share their experience with their networks using the same hashtag #catalunyaexperience. This cycle of sharing creates a larger Catalunya traveller community.

Splendia- Tourism on Instagram

Another new media that Marta discussed was Splendia. It has 45,000 people recruited from the Instagram community and more than 800,000 interactions on published content [Read Here]. Essentially, the most influential instagrammers collaborate to create the “Instagrammers City Guides”. They traveled the world in search for the best destinations, hotels, tourism spots, etc and share it with fellow instagrammers through photos, videos, tips, and lists.

Hotel Alfonso XIII, a 5 star hotel located in the historic heart of #Seville.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Splendia (@splendiahotels) am


New Media and Marketing

Marta’s work is a great example of how new media has changed the marketing world. Social media networks have enabled brands, companies, and organizations to distribute their content to wider audiences efficiently. As the social media world continues to expand, so do marketing techniques.




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